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You're invited to propose activities that take place in the various Drumbeat Festival spaces. This page explains how to do this.

How to propose a activity

  • Start by looking at the list existing list of spaces and activities
    • If you see an activity similar to yours, reach out to the activity organizer to propose joining forces
    • If your activity feels new and fits thematically with an existing space, propose it on the wiki
  • You can make a proposal on the wiki by following these steps:
    • First: read 'what makes a good activity?' below. Does you idea still fit?
    • Create a page at wiki.mozilla.org/Drumbeat/events/Festival/program/nameofyourpage and fill in your answers to the activity template below in a concise and compelling way.
    • Add a short description and link to your page on the festival activities list wiki page. If your idea doesn't fit with any of the existing spaces, put it at the bottom of the activities page, and the program chairs will contact you.
    • Send an email to drumbeat-events [at] mozilla.org
  • You can use this page or this page as an example.

Remember: the best ideas involve people from multiple orgs / disciplines / realities. Activities are about making and doing, not just talking!

PS. You need to create an account on the Mozilla wiki to add and edit content

Activity proposal template

Your proposed activity will only be considered once you've posted the following info to the wiki:

  • What do you want to achieve? (goal)
  • Who should come? How many? For how long? (audience)
  • What will they do when they get there? (activities)
  • What will you / they have at the end? (outputs)


  • Your name / org / contact info
  • Proposed 'space' or theme (see list)
  • Short description (2-3 sentences) of tent [title + descriptive sentence + host + audience]

What makes a good Festival activity?

  • Start with a clear goal or problem statement,
  • ...that excites both web and learning geeks
  • ...and gets them to move an idea forward
  • ...by critiquing, improving, testing, elaborating, coding, writing, refining, contrasting it
  • ...in surprising and delightful ways.

What makes a bad Festival activity?

  • Using slides.
  • Only talking at the front of the room.
  • Having no clear way for people to participate.
  • It's only about learning. Or only about the web. It should touch both.