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Drumbeat Festival 2010 Team

This page includes the borad overview of personell for DBF10. 


(needs: definition of each partners role)

Founding Partners

  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Carnegie Foundation
  • Creative Commons

Community Partners

  • Free Knowledge Institute
  • Neoteny
  • Hackerspaces
  • P2PU

Drumbeat Festival 2010 Core Team

  • Mark Surman, Mozilla Foundation Executive Director: vision, fundraising & development, budget, strategic partnership lead
  • Nathaniel James, Mozilla Foundation team: Festival motherboard/global coordinator - oversees and supports Festival team
  • Allen Gunn, Aspiration Tech: supports Mark & Nathan
  • Maria Sole, Barcelona-based Logistics lead
  • Michelle Thorne
  • Heidi Chen, Carnegie Foundation

Working process: Festival committee meets with all working group leads) weekly beginning in week of July 19.


(needs development - job descriptions, leads/chairs and other assigments)

Program Advisory Committee: Shapes the content and participant experience.

  • Mark Surman, Mozilla, Co-chair
  • Michelle Thorne, Creative Commons
  • Philipp Schmidt, P2PU
  • Sean Bonner, Hackerspaces
  • Cathy Davidson, HASTAC
  • Enric Senabre Hidalgo, Local committee chair
  • David Jacovkis, Free Knowledge Institute
  • Katie Salen, MacArthur Foundation
  • Cathy Casserly, Carnegie Foundation
  • Nathaniel James, Mozilla
  • Allen Gunne, Aspiration Tech
  • Anya Kamenetz, documentation - 'The state of learning, freedom and the web'

Needs for Program Advisory Committee: 

  • Someone from open ed
  • Connie Yowell, MacArthur (??)
  • Ronoldo Lemos, FGV in Brasil
  • Someone from Libraries
  • Somone from Local Working Group

Barcelona Local Committee:develops strong local partnerships, informs program, COM, and volunteer WGs (?)

  • Alina Mierluș (Mozilla)
  • Enric Senabre Hidalgo (Observatory for CiberSociety, Citilab, Amical Viquipèdia)
  • Ismael Peña-López (UOC)
  • Joan Goma (Amical Viquipèdia)
  • Laia Benito Pericas (Amical Viquipèdia)
  • Marc Pous  (BDigital)
  • Maria Josep Solé (Drumbeat Festival 2010 Core Team)
  • Mariana Benavidez (Softonic)
  • Toni Hermoso (SoftCatala, Amical Viquipèdia)

Working progess: regular local meetings.  Local planning wiki in Spanish and Catalan. Regular updates with the core team.

Other Team Members

Hilary Hall, travel coordination

Yolanda Hippensteele, independent contractor, supports Nathan, 15 hrs/month.

Aimee Tyrrel, Mozilla Corporation & Moz10 Summit Lead, has offered to advise Nathan as appropriate

Vendor Needs

  •  Communication, Outreach, & Marketing (COM): designs and implements communications plan, including participant recruitment, earned media, and social media
  • Design: venue, program, and collateral design