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Drumbeat Festival Plan

  1. Goals
  2. Required elements
  3. Attendee profile
  4. Logistics
  5. Communications: Framing and Message
  6. Miscellaneous

1. Goals/Outcomes: big DB narrative, earned media

Essence of the idea

  • trying to establish a big new idea -> need an event as a core pillar -> need to remind people where we are marching towards w/ drumbeat
  • a powerful way to create a narrative is to bring the right mix of people together and then to let them tell a story
  • reward, train and reenergize project leaders and community leaders -> working in itself tells the story


  • Create the sense of Drumbeat as a major hub of the Open movement.  Festival as "the place to be to invent the future of the internet"
  • Modelling the best of the Drumbeat brand - build up the Drumbeat narrative
  • Identify leadership
  • Celebrating successes in 2010
  • Community building for a distributed movement - peer education & support
  • Promoting Drumbeat: earned media
  • Accelerating 2011
  • Media outcomes - text and video capturing the open web agenda for 2011

2. Required Elements

The structure and content of Drumbeat Festival should:

  • Makers elements
  • Promote and advance Drumbeat projects and local events, prioritizing the "non-usual suspects" involved in Drumbeat
  • Showcase a handful of Big Ideas to inspire Drumbeat 2011
  • Energize participants through celebration: music, music, arts, and more music
  • Surprise participants AND organizers - the spontaneity factor

3. Attendee Profile

  • Attendees: open call vs. invitation-only?
  • Top leadership in projects and local events get travel stipends/scholarships/fellowships
  • Small handful of high profile attendees (Zittrains, Berniers-Lees, boyds)
  • Organizational allies, current and potential (note, this is an outreach framework - attendance is by individuals, not organizational representatives): Free Press, Public Knowledge, Global Voices, Open Web Foundation, Worldwide Web Foundation, EFF, Sunil/cis (?), adam floss manuals (?), Open Knowledge Foundation, Open 100 (?), Open Video Alliance, Association for Progressive Communications, Berkman, Collabforge, Creative Commons, Wikimedia, NTEN, Ushahidi, Internet Society, W3C, African Copyright and Access to Knowledge Project, Article 19, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Sunlight Foundation, Freedom House, Family Onine Safety Institute, OpenNet Initiative, OII.
  • Non-susual suspects: Open Health, Open Education, Hackerspace
  • Funders? Ford, OSI, Haas, Hewlett, Packard

4. Logistics

  • Localtion: Barcelona
  • Venue: pending
  • Dates: 3 days in November, dates dending.  Don't conflict with Web 2.0 Summit, Nov 15-17.  Other potential conflicts?
  • Size: low hundreds for year 1 ---> earn the chops to scale in year 2

5. Communications

6. Miscellaneous

  • Local organizing committee invitations
  • Localizing the Festival for non-attendees: Can we get smaller local events sharing content symetrically with Amsterdam?

4.20.09 Notes