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Drumbeat Event Facilitation

A critical factor in Drumbeat Local events is how the proceedings are facilitated. This page provides an overview of event facilitation.


Facilitation is a challenging and inexact discipline. So much of "good" facilitation involves listening to participants and steering the agenda and individual sessions to meet their needs.

Facilitator Resources

There are several primary dimensions to consider in making facilitation plans for an event:

  • Facilitating and pacing the overall Event is essential to sustaining participant engagement and energy levels.
  • Facilitation of individual Sessions is a broad topic, but a common thread is an emphasis on keeping the dialog accessible to all and driving towards the outcomes participants in each session have called out.
  • All facilitation is learning exercise in itself, and Evaluation is an essential component of any sustainable facilitation model.

Facilitator Training

Drumbeat facilitator trainings have been delivered in Toronto, Berlin and Sao Paulo to date. We encourage those with facilitation experience to consider training others.

Sample Agenda for Facilitator Training