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Mozilla Drumbeat Participation Overview

  • Mozilla Drumbeat is keeping the web open
    • Practical projects and local events that gather smart, creative people around big ideas to solve problems and build the open web.
  • Public talking points at
    • www.drumbeat.org/about
  • Project collaboration routes through
    • wiki.mozilla.org/Drumbeat
  • Community mailing list is at

Mozilla Drumbeat Tagline

  • Innovation on the open web. Powered by everybody.
    • Everybody = the people formerly known as users.
    • Open web = the free, participatory and decentralized part of the internet.
    • Innovation = new ideas, practices and tech that move the web in the right direction.
  • Drumbeat = the part of Mozilla where *everybody* is invited participate, innovate and shape open web technology

Tactile engagement

  • Projects are the focal points in Drumbeat
    • Goal is to engage new stakeholders in hands-on ways
    • Propose one, adapt one or join an existing one
  • Featured projects on www.drumbeat.org
    • P2PU, WebMadeMovies, Universal Subtitles, and more
    • Drumbeat.org serves as pipeline for identifying promising new projects
  • Goal: Support platforms and tools that enhance the open web by allowing everyone to contribute

Live Engagement

  • Annual Festival, 3-5 November, Barcelona
    • Learning, freedom and the web
    • 300-500 people, highly interactive agenda format
  • Arc of local participation
    • Attend a Drumbeat gathering
    • Talk about Drumbeat at other events
    • Host a meet-up or other Drumbeat-themed social event
    • Organize a half day or all-day event
  • Event kit is being developed on the wiki

What can folks do to help?

  • Spread the word about Drumbeat
    • Projects, Local Events, Festival
  • Help us find and recruit promising projects
    • Create opportunities for broader participation in keeping the web open
  • Help us identify local event organizers or partners
    • We'll provide support, outreach and (limited :^) resources
  • Participate in the Drumbeat community!
    • Give us feedback about web site, community process, anything...