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Drumbeat Event Kit

The following assets are still pending as we build out the event kit.

To consider:

  • How to organize session vs meetup vs full and half-day events
  • What to say about sponsorship

Outstanding issues with drumbeat.org

  • Event registration support?
  • Event management support?

To Write:

  • Kit
    • Post-Event Collaboration Ideas
  • Agenda
    • Sample sessions
    • Guidelines for meetup formats
  • Facilitation
    • Event
    • Sessions
    • Evaluation
  • Logistics:
    • How to find free or low-cost meeting space
    • Registration
    • Sample lunch and snack menues
    • How to find free or low-cost food
    • Accessibility check list
    • Internet access check-list

To link to:

  • Editable flyers