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Mozilla Summit 2010 - P2PU School of Webcraft session

45 Minute session

how can we tie the general Drumbeat concept (already mentioned at the summit (hopefully) to the School of Webcraft and P2PU / Open Education. (Why is what Mozillians do directly connected to how people learn and more specifically, learn to be web developers).

MOZILLA DRUMBEAT Tagline: Innovation on the open web. Powered by everybody.

  • Everybody = the people formerly known as users.
    • What does everybody have to do with School of Webcraft? or, vice versa?
  • Open web = the free, participatory and decentralized part of the internet.
    • P2PU School of Webcraft is free, open to all applicants and organizers and operates across the web, ideally it can operate more globally
      • Can this globally be a call to action for Mozillians - localisation particularly?
  • Innovation = new ideas, practices and technology that move the web in the right direction.
    • School of Webcraft responds to innovation - it's peer learning on demand. Courses can be organised and run as required, when there's new technology or a new skill to be learnt, people can begin to learn without having to wait for a course to be approved by an out of touch faculty.
  • Drumbeat = the part of Mozilla where *everybody* is invited participate, innovate and shape open web technology.
    • School of Webcraft echoes and supports the greater Drumbeat (rhythm? call?). We invite people to learn, teach, share and participate in how the open web is developed.