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We're happy to announce that the pilot round of courses for the School of Webcraft is now open for registration by participants, with classes beginning in mid-September. The Mozilla Foundation and Drumbeat have partnered with the Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) to develop a powerful new way to learn open, standards-based web development.

Since 2008, P2PU has been developing an online, community-based learning environment which is globally accessible, free, and peer organised. The P2PU model gives people around the world easy access to learning opportunities that will help them build careers on open web technologies.

September's round of courses include Web Development 101, HTML5, Beginning Python Webservices and Reading Code. The courses running in the pilot phase support beginners who want to start learning about web development, and also offer experienced developers an opportunity to refine their skills and explore new technologies such as HTML5. A full list of courses offered by the School of Webcraft is available here.

Sign-ups for all courses running on P2PU.org are available at http://p2pu.org/course/list. Deadlines for sign-ups are 8th September 2010. The courses will run until October 27th. Each course registration may require additional information from the applicant.

Mailing List Announcement

"Hello, World!"

We're happy to announce that P2PU is accepting applications to the School of Webcraft through September 8th.

We offered our first course, Mashing Up the Open Web, this past March. Since then, we've been hard at work preparing our BETA courses that will run for six weeks starting mid-September. Since you expressed interest while we were still working, we're writing to encourage you to join one of the 11 courses being offered:

  • Beginning Python Webservices - Want to learn about the protocol that runs the web (HTTP) and how to make web services with Python?
  • Designers Tackling the Web - You're a smokin' designer... but web pages, how do they work? Tackle the Web. Learn basic HTML and CSS.
  • Drupal Social Web Application - Learn to use Drupal to build a social web app that lets users collaborate on projects and ideas.
  • HTML5 - Is HTML5 more than "just HTML" and can I actually use it to create a website today?
  • Programming Visual Media - Can you learn to code the same way you learned to paint? Intro to programming, studio-style.
  • Reading Code - Get comfortable reading other peoples' code, from big open source projects to small standalone apps.
  • Scripting 101 - Web Monkeys or command line junkies, join, learn to hack and make a better world!
  • UX: Designing for Education ( English | Portuguese) - Are you motivated to develop user experience designs that can be applied to various systems?
  • Web 200: Anatomy of a Request - What happens when you click go in the browser? Find out in "Web 200: Anatomy of a Request" at P2PU.
  • Web Accessibility - Maximize your audience through inclusion and non-discrimination by using accessible design.
  • Web Development 101 - How are webpages made and have you ever wondered how to create your own?

Did you know that P2PU is more than just the School of Webcraft? Check out the full course list to see what else is available and sign up. Deadlines for sign-ups are 8th September 2010. The courses will run until October 27th. Each course registration may require additional information from the applicant.

What is the School of Webcraft? The School of Webcraft runs within the Peer 2 Peer University and is developed in partnership with the Mozilla Drumbeat project. We've combined the power of the open web with peer-based learning to provide an exciting new way of learning web technologies in an online, collaborative and free environment. From this September, participants from around the world will begin working together to learn standards-based, open web development, with courses offered for both beginners and expert developers. Webcraft organisers are active participants in the web development community and we thank them for volunteering their time and co-operation.

Please feel free to forward, blog, tweet or otherwise redistribute this email. We thank you for your support.

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