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Course Tweets

I've been retweeted a huge amount and have 97 applicants for my Web Dev 101 course. Can we improve these tweets for courses and up their applicant numbers too?

Python Webservices

old Want to learn about the protocol that runs the web (HTTP) and how to make web services with Python? #webcraft #p2pu)

new How can you start learning Python and begin to develop useful web services? #webcraft #p2pu

Designers Tackling the Web

You're a smokin' designer... but web pages, how do they work? Tackle the Web. Learn basic HTML and CSS #webcraft #p2pu

Drupal Social Web Application

Learn to use Drupal to build a social web app that lets users collaborate on projects and ideas. #webcraft #p2pu)


Is HTML5 more than "just HTML" and can I actually use it to create a website today? #webcraft #p2pu

Programming Visual Media

Can you learn to code the same way you learned to paint? Intro to programming, studio-style. #p2pu #webcraft

Reading Code

Get comfortable reading other peoples' code, from big open source projects to small standalone apps. #p2pu #webcraft

Scripting 101

Web Monkeys or command line junkies, join, learn to hack and make a better world! #webcraft #p2pu)

UX: Design para a Educação

Queres aprender a desenvolver ambientes de experiência de usuário a serem aplicados a vários sistemas? #webcraft #p2pu)

UX: Designing for Education

Are you motivated to develop user experience designs that can be applied to various systems? #webcraft #p2pu)


How can I learn about user experience design on the web? #webcraft #p2pu

Web 200: Anatomy of a Request

What happens when you click go in the browser? Find out in "Web 200: Anatomy of a Request" at #p2pu. http://bit.ly/c4AYU4)

Web Accessibility

Maximize your audience through inclusion and non-discrimination by using accessible design. #webcraft #p2pu)

Web Development 101

How are webpages made and have you ever wondered how to create your own? #webcraft #p2pu #html #learning #drumbeat)