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Designers Tackling The Web

Proposed by Austin King

Course is live on p2pu

Course Description

Learn the basic steps of how to take gorgeous visual designs and translate them onto the web. The technical details of building a webpage or web application will be covered from HTML, CSS, FTP, etc.

What you should know

  • How to use a web browser
  • How to use graphics programs for design work
  • How to make a dope graphic

No prior technical experience is required. The mysteries of how exactly to translate a design into a hosted web page will be revealed.

What you can expect to learn

  • FTP - How to copy files onto a website
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • HTML - How to create a web page from scratch
  • Image Slicing and Image formats
  • CSS - How to transfer your design mockup into code
  • Localization - How do websites support multiple languages?

What you might learn if you work hard

  • Cutting edge hotness with standards like html5
  • Design patterns to avoid
  • Localization gotchas

Things we won't cover

  • Design basics
    • How to make Starbursts (BUY NOW 50% OFF)
  • Writing JavaScript or other types of programming
  • Deep Web Development topics

Why tackle the web?

Knowing these skills will allow you to

  • Work on your own website or themes
  • Create designs that your web developers can easily implement
  • Better understand how to create graphic assets for localization and accessibility

Further Information

This is not a design course, you should already know how to use design tools like photo editing software, vector graphics software (Inkscape, Illustrator, etc), and related design tools.

Queries? Suggestions? Praise?

We're all ears ;)

What will I build?

  • A Saucey (or elegant?) Profile page with a Lifestream of entries
    • Profile pages are common on personal website homepages
    • Show off not only your design skillz, but show webpage visitors that you know how design a webpage and code it up