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Principles of Project Management

proposed by Equbay Kiflay


This is an introductory course in project management based on PMI's Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK) as it is applied to software projects.

Comment  I'm a little bit worried that this course relies on a copyright restricted resources and will probably take longer than 6 weeks.

Equbay - have you considered running a course based on the WaSP curriculum content on | Project Management?

Jacky Hood (College Open Textbooks) - Please change the title of the class to Software Project Management. I did not see the note above until I had previewed a couple of the videos and realized the class is only about software and not even all software, just that created in IT departments. Given that project management is now applied to everything from bank loans to weddings, my guess is that IT projects are less than 5% of all projects. Thanks!

Jacky Hood (College Open Textbooks) - Related to the comment above about copyrighted materials: A group of 30 project managers is creating an open-licensd PM Certification textbook for PMP, CSM, Prince2 and other certifications. We will make sure that all of the textbook is open licensed. http://projectmanagementopenresources.ning.com/

Project management outline

Week 1

Introduction to project management

Video lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pwc2DYlKQU&feature=related

Learning out come:

  • Define project and project management
  • Understand project context
  • Identify project life cycle phases, processes and activities
  • Know the project management framework of PMBoK
  • Identify interaction among project management processes
  • Know PMI's professional code of Ethics

Week 2

Project scope management

Video lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEEWbe1FoKI&feature=channel


  1. Find and share project charter and scope statement template from the internet
  2. Prepare a project charter and scope statement statement for a project of your own
  3. review the charter and scope statement of a project of your choice

Learning out come:

  • Identify project scope management processes
  • Understand stakeholder analysis
  • Understand content of scope: business objective of the project
  • Be able to prepare project charter and scope statement
  • Be able to prepare work breakdown structure

Week 3

Project time management

Video lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGmPTl6Ado0&feature=channel


  1. Prepare the work breakdown structure for the project scope you prepared
  2. Define the activities and prepare PDM network diagram for your project

Learning out come:

  • Identify time management processes
  • Know the different type of activities precedence diagrams and be able to prepare one
  • Understand different project crashing methods
  • Understand resource scheduling issues and know how to resolve them
  • Understand schedule change control process


Week 4

Estimation and scheduling

Video lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D04uxZpgp6M&feature=channel


  • Assign time and resource estimate the activities of the project
  • Convert the precedence diagram of your project to a scheduling

Learning out come:

  • Understand estimation process
  • Know the different estimation stages
  • Know the different work load estimation approaches
  • Be able to make estimate for software project activities

Week 5

Other project management processes

Video lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJQ9qrFo5ko&feature=related


  1. Prepare a resource budget for your project
  2. Determine a baseline for your project

Learning out come:

  • Identify what other processes there are in project management
  • Understand each processes
  • Be able to determine the need to plan for each of the processes in the project
  • Be able to handle issues that are associated with each process in the project
  • Know the role of a project manager

Week 6


Lecture Videos: all lecture videos above

Other resources that participants share


  1. Assign a project manager for the class
  2. identify a class project
  3. develop and implement a project together

Learning out come:

  • Putting all together
  • Simulate a project from start to end together