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Scripting 101

Who Am I?

Who am i? Is a big unsolved mystery! A short potential answer would be : Hemanth.HM a open source enthusiast, experimenting on the GNU/Linux environment from past five years.

Can you lead this course in September 2010 or is this a general concept?

Yes i'm willing to execute this course in September.

Why scripting?

The KISS Principle of "Keep it Simple, Stupid", is the main intention of the whole scripting world. You could be Web Monkeys or command line junkies, scripting is the most important ingredient.

What you should know?

  • Basic commands of GNU/Linux environment [Basic commands]
    • Must be conversant in using the GNU/Linux terminal and any programming ediot of your choice mostly emacs, vi, pico so on.

What you will know?

The below is just an outline of the course, which would be covering the major CLI based scripting side of shell, perl, ruby and python

  • Why scripting ?
  • Getting Started.
  • The Variables.
  • Conditionals Execution.
  • The Loops.
  • Redirections.
  • Pipes and Filters.
  • Traps.
  • Functions.
  • Interactive Scripts.

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