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Web 200: The Anatomy of a Page Load

John Britton

Course Description

The Anatomy of a Page Load is about layers and abstraction. The average internet user has no idea of the number of layers involved in a page load. We'll cover things like HTTP, DNS, caching, networks, TCP/IP, proxies, routing, packets, encryption, sessions, cookies, and lots more. When you finish the course, you'll be able to recite exactly what happens when you request a web page in your browser.

What you should know

  • How to use a web browser.
    • Why: We're going to learn how a webpage is loaded.
    • How: Navigate to any site on the internet.
  • How to launch programs in your operating system
    • Why: You need to be able to open the tools you're going to learn about.
    • How:

What you can expect to learn

    • Why:
    • How:

What you might learn if you work hard

  • How to crimp a CAT5 cable
    • Why: Often used in home networks.

Things we won't cover

    • Why: