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Who Are You?

Jordan McManus

Can you lead this course in September 2010 or is this a general concept?

This is not a course per se. Anyone is invited to have a look-see and hack away at it.

So yes, it is several general concepts:

This is targetted at new users not experienced developers. The goal is to give new users access to high class code (or tools) and and let them create what they want with it.

1. Learning takes the time it takes.

During a course, you need to synchronize your time with your teacher's time, but there aren't any deadlines in the WikiWYSIWYG.

2. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

You should rush to make your first 100 mistakes (you won't understand much until then) - adapted from a go proverb.

ToDO - link to The Course Of All Courses on P2PU

What's The Major Project?

The project is WikiWYSIWYG. (I think the following description is too long)

The word WikiWYSIWYG is a portmanteau for Wiki and WYSIWYG.

Wiki = short for wikiwiki which means speedy in Hawaiian (according to Wiktionary)

WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get, which is a web paradigm that will be generalized to all aspects of your learning experience (not just web design).

Here, you will be able to learn a new programming (Open Web Development) language via an interactive wiki that has been collaboratively created. (Jason Kealey, personal communication)

It is a platform that lets new users give feedback in order to organize knowledge that is not yet understood by them in a way that will make it easy for them to learn. But mostly it's about making your life as easy as possible in order to learn Open Web Concepts.

At the moment, WikiWYSIWYG looks like one big soup and I don't really know what it's going to taste like. It's an Open soup, and your feedback is what's going to make this taste good.

For example, let's say you wanted to build a site like this one (wiki.mozilla.org, but the same goes for WikiWYSIWYG), but you didn't know how to. The goal would be to provide you with step by step instruction on how this site was built. You will be able to see all its details for yourself or make it yourself or learn to compile the programs used to make it or learn what "website" means.

In essence, we will be trying to merge all parts of Open Web Development cycles (requirements, documentation, actual code, test cases, tutorials, use cases, etc.) in one interactive medium.

We don't have this yet, because we don't know how you learn and we don't know how to teach this to you (emphasis on "to you", there are plenty of great teachers who know how to teach). This is where the community effort comes in, you tell us how you want to learn this, and we'll try our best to accommodate you.

What you should know

You reached this place, you know enough (please don't be afraid of big words).

No one knows everything.

What you can expect to learn

What you want/need to learn.

What you might learn if you work hard

What the future has in store for us.

Things we will cover

The goal is to cover every possible way a new user can learn Open Web concepts (the WikiWYSIWYG will evolve with the learning experiences).

What will I build?

WikiWYSIWYG is about building, not about what to build.

Are you basing your course on existing courseware?

Yes, but still need to do more research to find everything.

  • Title and Link (WaSP Interact Course? MIT OCW)
    • Why: Why have you chosen this courseware?
    • Copyright - is this course freely available? Licensed under Creative Commons?

Hey! I need help!

I need help. I honestly don't know what I'm doing nor why I have these ideas...

I will start searching the web for open courseware on what is being discussed in the talk page.

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