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Naming Conventions

Mozilla Drumbeat (not Mozilla's Drumbeat)

School of Webcraft - webcraft as one word.

Peer 2 Peer University - not P2P University

P2PU - for short

http://p2pu.org - leave out the www

http://p2pu.org/webcraft - short URL for the project (directs to the Dashboard page)

There are "cycles" of courses - not semesters

Course Organizers - not teachers or leaders

Peers - for all participants. (NJ note - this is very vague. Good to institute peer learning, learning communities, but a) if i'm already calling the "teacher" "Course Organizer" am I supposed to call her a peer? b) people have multiple networks of peers - what distinguishes their P2PU peers from other networks? What's the P2PU way of saying "students?")