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End of 2011

Recognition & respect. We are on our way to democratizing web developer education.

  • The P2PU Webcraft brand is recognized & respected by learners & employers. Graduates are listing School of Webcraft badges in their CVs and employers are paying attention. Webcraft graduates are getting jobs.
  • The community has reached critical mass. We see 150 to 200 active courses per semester and 10,000+ total community members and steady growth.
  • We have replaced outdated assessment models with new ways of describing web developer skills: the hackers' habits. P2PU Webcraft awards badges that describe technical skills, attitudes, and knowledge.
  • School of Webcraft is global. Web developers around the world are designing and localizing courses in many languages.

End of 2010

We have made some changes, refined our ideas and are ready to build up: more courses, more countries, more people.

  • The community is growing steadily: 500+ applicants enrolled for January 2011 semester and 25+ mentors ready to run courses
  • We have awarded the first Webcraft badges and are turning more and more of the "hacker's habits" into assessments and badges. And we are mapping our courses against a broad competency map of open web skills.
  • We have learned from the first round of courses and are gearing up to scale. Our processes are prepared to deal with many more people and courses. The application process for organisers and participants is easier and faster. And the collaboration tools for working in the courses are refined based on feedback.
  • Webcraft communities in other countries are joining and designing courses that are appropriate for their local context. At least one community (Brazil or India) is actively recruiting local course organizers and designing courses that are appropriate for the local context.
  • We are strengthening our ties with the broader community - focusing on groups who are developing curricula and courses relevant to web develompent, software developer communities, and employers.

September 2010

We have a plan and are launching the first round of courses to test our ideas and pick up momentum.

  • 12+ courses
  • 200+ participants
  • 3 languages (English, Portuguese and German)
  • We have an initial map of what we think the "hacker's habits" are - and we are testing our ideas with the web developer community.
  • We are adding assessment of one of these habits into the first courses.
  • Our initial courses cover a mixed bag of beginner and advanced skills - we are experimenting.
  • There is a nice buzz in the community, and interesting people are joining the project.

To date

  • 9 courses proposed for September semester
  • Small active community on Drumbeat site and mailing list
  • Signed up first advisors willing to review and feedback
  • Ran a successful pilot class ("Mashing up the Open Web")
  • Have a first list of "hacker's habits" and ideas how to assess them