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Owner: Brett Gaylor, David Humphrey, Bobby Richter, CDOT, Bocoup Updated: 2011-03-15
Web Made Movies is Mozilla's Open Video Lab


  • Popcorn.js: A Javascript framework for controlling time based HTML media popcornjs.org
  • Butter: The authoring tool for popcorn.js: butterapp.org


About this project

Web Made Movies is Mozilla’s open video lab. We’re bringing filmmakers and hackers together to explore how modern browser technologies like HTML5 can reshape moving images on the web.

Movies are engines for innovation

We believe that the production of a new type of cinema, informed by the same qualities that make the web unique, will drive further innovation in browser-based video. That’s why were striving towards feature productions at Web Made Movies that are built using open video and HTML5 – working together, filmmakers and web developers can push the medium into new territory.

The projects we’ll pursue will be a combination of those brought by partners, institutions and from within our own team.

Creating software in the process

We’ll also develop tools open video needs right now, including “popcorn.js,” a JavaScript library enabling video to interact with the rest of the web — mashing up Google Maps, image feeds, Twitter accounts and other semantic data. We’ll help filmmakers use these tools in productions that we hope can set an example, ultimately changing the market and culture around interactive productions online.

Our ultimate goal: a new cinema that works like the web

HTML5 and open video have created an exciting opportunity: cinema and journalism that can pull people and data from across the web into the story. Creating new ways to inform, educate and entertain online.