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EU MozCamp 2008 Session Proposals

The EU Mozcamp 2008 will include 2 full days of sessions. All invited participants are invited to propose and lead sessions.

Session is the generic term covering "presentations," "tutorials", etc.

Please only propose a session that you intend to lead. If you'd like someone else to run a session, talk with or email them directly to discuss.

Please create a new wiki page for your proposal that includes headers for Session Title, Session Leaders, Summary, and Agenda.

Please let us know if you you would like to open your session to the general public or keep it amongst invited Mozilla participants. As mentionned on the EU MozCamp general Wiki, we believe we can invite and sponsor a maximum of 150 participants. Additionally, we do expect there will be the extra possibility to open the event up to a wider audience (up to 150 additional people), however, costs for these extra places will not be covered and we await feedback from session leaders.

QA Track

  • Introduction to Mozilla QA [Tomcat, Marcia]
  • Leak Testing Demo [Tomcat]
  • l10n QA - [Tomcat, Marcia, Clint]
  • Automated Testing - Gristmill [Clint]
  • Reftest [20 min]/Mochitest [Martijn, Clint]
    • What is a reftest, how to make a reftest
    • Explanation of printing reftests/asynchronous reftests
  • Creating a simplified DOM/layout test [Martijn] [30 min]
    • Techniques/tools used when trying to get a minimized testcase
    • Examples of DOM/layout bugs that needed minimized testcases

l10n Track

  • General overview [Seth Bindernagel?] [60min]
  • Mini-litmus [Pascal Chevrel?] 30 min
  • Roundtable between Catalan - Basque - Espagnol [60min]
  • Frenchmozilla Translation Tools [Philippe Dessante?] [60 min]
  • How to start a community website and develop it [Gandalf] [30-40 min]
  • Demo Narro [Alexandru Szasz] [30min]
  • Firefox 3.1 [Axel Hecht?] [60min]
  • Roundtable on QA and l10n [60min] [co-listed at l10n QA by Marcia and Tomcat from the QA session. These two sessions should happen at the same time as one unified presentation]
  • Community Wiki discussion. Where and How to progress (this can be a lightning talk) [20 min] [Gandalf]
  • Community Marketing and localization [60min]
  • How to write your own L10n tools/scripts with Silme [30 min] [Gandalf]
  • Mozilla's community marketing challenges [Alix?] [60min]
  • BabelZilla: let's spread extensions worldwide [Jean-Bernard Marcon] [30min]
  • How to grow your community from small 2 people group into a mature project over weekend [60 min] [Poles and French ppl?]
  • What is L20n and how is it going to be The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything right next to 42 [Pike/Gandalf]

Add-ons in DEV Tracks

  • MozDev overview [Brian King ?]
  • AMO overview [Basil Hashem?]
  • Fx Add-ons [Basil Hashem?]
  • Fennec Add-ons [Mark Finkle?]

Mozilla Messaging in DEV Tracks

  • Changes in Thunderbird : why change, how change? [David Ascher?]
  • Thunderbird & the web : how could/should thunderbird interact with web apps, services, pages?[David Ascher?]
  • Thunderbird as a platform : high level overview of how people can & do make thunderbird do things it doesn't do out of the box [David Ascher?]