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Mozilla Camp Europe 2011
Berlin, 12-13 November 2011

When and Where

MozCamp Europe 2011 will take place in Berlin, Germany from November 12th to November 13th, 2011 at the Kalkscheune. Doors open at 8am, keynotes kick-off at 8:45am.


UPDATE: On Friday, 11 November 2011 from 6pm to 9pm an informal welcome event will be organized at the Kalkscheune (MozCamp venue) with free beer and currywurst! There will also be a special screening of "Code Rush". (More details here)

Taking it to the next level

This MozCamp will be an exceptional event for all of us. The web is moving fast and Mozilla is growing ever faster. MozCamp is a unique opportunity to meet together and synchronize our vision and activities in Europe as we prepare for 2012 and beyond.

It will be a critical event at a critical moment for Mozilla, where we'll be discussing the main projects that are powering Mozilla today while diving deep into the new ones that will power it tomorrow.

The focus will be, first and foremost, on us as a community, the diverse group of individuals that, every day, push the Mozilla Project forward and help make the web better and more open for users. We will have a special focus on how we interact with the project and with each other, on our personal growth as Mozillians, and how ultimately we can take the Mozilla Project to the next level.


You can find the schedule here.

Content and Tracks

With Mozilla in Europe scope in mind, with "Many Voices, One Mozilla" theme and with three broad tracks of engineering, training and regionalization, the content for this MozCamp looks exciting! Read more...


We're going to pay extra attention to ensure the format of this event allows us to execute on the theme and tracks and make it an active, dynamic and powerful event to participate in! Read more...


More than 250 passionate Mozillians from over 40 countries and contributing to all areas of the Mozilla project are registered to participate in this year's MozCamp Europe. Read more...

LIVE coverage of MozCamp

Official MozCamp hashtag: #mozcamp

Streaming live here.

  • Username: mozcamp
  • Password: onemozilla


All you need to know about travel, accommodation, venue, transportation, food etc... Read more...


Got questions? We have some answers!

Map and Points of Interest

Here is MozCamp Europe's official map


  • Practical inquiries: mozcamp [at] wolffsproduktionen [dot] de (Tel: +49 1577 5742 960)
  • General inquiries: william [at] mozilla [dot] com (Tel: +49 152 04391211)