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Note that this page omits email addresses to avoid concerns about spammers. If you need someone's email address and can't find it otherwise please contact Dave Humphrey or Frank Hecker.

Contact information for professors and others actively involved in teaching Mozilla-related courses or having students work on Mozilla-related projects:

Other professors who we've contacted regarding teaching Mozilla-related courses or otherwise incorporating

  • Jon Kvisli, Tor Lonnestad, and Tor-Arne Bellika. Working to coordinate the development of a Master's program in Free and Open Source Software at Telemark University College in Bø, Norway.
  • Nenad Vukicevic. Father of Vladimir Vukicevic of Mozilla, and a professor in Serbia.
  • Dr. A.K. Aggarwal. Director, School of Computer Science, University of Windsor in Windsor ON, interested in doing open source with students/faculty there.
  • sid0 (core Thunderbird contributor, student at Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur) -- needs help getting his faculty to listen to him about getting students involved).
  • Rob Cameron. Chair of the Comuter Science department at Simon Fraser University, taught Mozilla to students last winter, need to follow-up.
  • Ignac Kolenko. Computer science professor at Conestoga College.
  • Ralph Morelli (HFOSS, Trinity)
  • Gordon Dunlop. Professor at the University of Abertay Dundee in Dundee, Scotland.

Other people with whom Dave has been in contact:

  • Todd O'Bryan (IRC: toddobryan). High school teacher at duPont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky. He teaches computer science (HTML, Python, etc.) Dave was helping him find a home within Mozilla for his students, perhaps to work on a version of XULRunner/Prism that will allow teachers to give online tests securely (e.g., locked-down mode so you can't open tabs and such).
  • Sung Kim. Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Interested in doing work on Bugzilla analysis, looking at developer productivity.
  • Luca Greco (IRC: rpl). Industry guy connected with XULit, working on masters level course on advanced JavaScript, Mozilla, and XUL in Lecce (Italy). Wants to work with us.
  • Alex Gartrell (IRC: agartrell) and Mark Hahnenberg. Students at Carnegie Mellon University working on Firefox startup profiling and removing code from Firefox respectively.
  • Grad student at UMASS Amherst - (marxistvegan/stephenmahood) interested in Education and how we are approaching it.
  • Guillermo López (willyaranda) and saloa (don't know his full name), Students working in Alicante, Spain.
  • Gordon Hemsley (IRC: GPHemsley). Student working at University of Vermont, interested in linguistics and Mozilla, looking at Ubiquity, also working on bug triage and AMO reviews.
  • Grad student working at University College London - charla, working on trust system for loading scripts in Firerfox.
  • Grad student at UTas (Formerly University of Tasmania) - M. Mead Armsby (mead) implementing a complete bittorrent protocol in JavaScript for Mozilla.
  • Students working at the Indian Institute of Technology (Madras and Kanpur) - SpellWeaver (working on an NTLM bug in Firefox), sid0 (working on various things in Thunderbird and Firefox), parotish0101 (Delhi college of engineering, delhi) working on a LIR compiler for SpiderMonkey with Jason Orendorff.
  • Students currently working at Seneca College - 15 in total

Other contacts:

Person Via Notes
Andy Edmonds David Boswell Interested in interactions with academic research in HCI, etc.
Conrad Volle Pascal Finette Presented on open education at Open EverythingNYC 2009
Dr CN Ravi Kumar Srirang Doddihal Interested in introducing open source into SJCE curriculum
Didier Courtaud Pascal Chevrel Course on Mozilla Education and Technologies @ Evry