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This is a course on open education. Why use a closed platform like WebEx for the online seminars?
Good question! We prefer open, and a lot of our work is designed to ensure and preserve an open web infrastructure. However, there are situations where we do use closed technology. In this case, WebEX offered a few features (like Q&A queuing) that we felt we needed for the seminars. It remains a sticky issue though - and we decided that one way to deal with it, was to integrate this question into the course. Educators have to make decisions just like this all the time, so we'll take a closer look at the pros and cons that one has to weigh up.

personally I am going to have to change my OS, because I cannot get Java to work on Ubuntu 64... :-( (DimDim needed Java, and WebEX most likely too?) Yamaplos 03:23, 24 March 2009 (UTC)\
sorry Yamaplos. I am not sure there are any good solutions for web-conferencing that don't require Java. One of my Mozilla colleagues is doing another round of reviews, if you know something we should look at - please let us know! Philipp

How do we join the mailing list?
We will be using a googlegroup for course participants. A link to the group will be posted on the Outline page.

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