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Mozilla Education Status Meeting - March 2, 2009


  1. Review of Dave Humphrey's update email for meeting.
  2. Creating print-on-demand materials based on MDC (Mark Finkle/Frank)
  3. Online course for educators
  4. Mozilla Education internship
  5. Update from Gary Kwong
  6. Update from Gregorio Robles


People attending (in alphabetical order, with IRC nicknames):

  • Frank Hecker (hecker)
  • Gary Kwong (nth10sd)
  • (mead_)
  • Gregorio Robles (grex)
  • Benjamin Smedberg (bsmedberg)
  • Mark Surman (msurman)

Review of Dave Humphrey's update email

  • Dave has been working on re-organizing and adding to the content on Mark noted the need to make more clear how students could get involved. Frank suggested separating the "Academics" page into two pages, one for students and one for faculty. All are welcome to add to and improve the content on the site.
  • Dave has been having good success mentoring the students we have, and continues to meet more bit by bit.
  • We've added some more core Mozilla people to #education, which is good news for the long term. Dave is still trying to get people to join.
  • The Mozilla education planet is now live as a site to aggregate blog feeds for people involved in Mozilla Education, and a bunch of students added. Dave wants to add blogs for other people we are engaged with, including people at URJC and Mozilla Labs, and would like to have URLs for their blog feeds. Everyone is welcome to nominate more blogs to be added.
  • Apparently Red Hat is planning to do a two-week face-to-face bootcamp this summer for professors who are going to teach open source courses. They are just planning it now (waiting on funding), but their idea is to get people to come who make a commitment to offer something in the next 12 months. This sounds similar to our proposed online course for educators.
  • Reed Loden is creating the "student-project" bugzilla keyword later today, so we'll be able to start flagging bugs starting next week.
  • We're still waiting on the Mozilla Education newsgroup to get created.
  • Dave is writing more educational material on Mozilla tech skills (using Mercurial patch queues, working with gdb to debug, etc.). He'll be adding these directly to the learning page as they are done.
  • Dave has been approached by a number of community people this week looking for students to work on things for them. He's been able to match most of them, and is still trying to find students for other work. Some of these are potential Google Summer of Code project ideas.