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Mozilla Education Status Meeting - March 9, 2009


  1. Report on the "Integrating FOSS into the Undergraduate Computing Curriculum" symposium last week (Frank/Armen).
  2. Mozilla Education internship
  3. Update on education planet, project list (need help with keyword)
  4. Need to support and link in external partners:
    1. Masters Course on "Javascript and Mozilla as Platform" in Lecce (Italy)
    2. High school students from Louisville, Kentucky
    3. U of T? (humph/surman met and talked about ideas for partnering)
    4. York University? (meeting this week)
  5. Chris Tyler has launched as a way to link things like edmo with other open source-edu projects. Please add your blog feed, join the mailing list, etc.
  6. TOS (teaching open source) track at FSOSS this year?


People attending (in alphabetical order, with IRC nicknames):

  • Armen Zambrano (armenzg)
  • Benjamin Smedberg (bsmedberg)
  • Frank Hecker (hecker)
  • Gary Kwong (nth10sd)
  • Mark Surman (msurman)