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Mozilla Education Ancillary Meeting - June 4, 2009


  • Discuss how to use Mozilla Education to serve design students


  • Pascal Finette
  • Dave Humphrey
  • Mark Surman
  • James Boston


Concept series and Design Challenge

  • engage a wider audience into contribution process
  • where do we get innovation from
  • innovation coming from developer side but there is much more out there
  • people who want to contribute but can't find vector in because not coder
  • brought in guys from humanize
  • ui guys, not developers
  • concept series doesn't have a topic
  • design challenge find solutions for specific problems we can formulate in a question
  • want to engage with universities and students as potential audience
  • want to engage with ux community
  • 1st design challenge targeted university students
  • what makes it attractive to them?
  • do a mentorship tutoring phase
  • if we do mentoring and tutorial then might as well put up videos
  • next design challenge easier to enter (no prototype); teamed up with ux partners
  • starts to become more regular program getting more feedback from university
  • university in australia want to include design challenge into program
  • school in brazil accepts design challenge as credit work
  • mini-design jams; we goto to university and give them one challenge and a weekend to come up with ideas and then a platform to publish

How can we help Labs through Mozilla Education?

  • provide mini-grants one possibility
  • like approach of giving students a challenge
  • might be of interest in non-design courses
  • for design not just how tech works but how mozilla project works
  • information like that useful for mozilla
  • want a repository somewhere that would help people to do things, eg. how do you build a mockup, etc...
  • universities in usa and europe are not looking for these kind of resources
  • programs are sophisticated and the basic stuff we provide they don't want
  • but they still want real world examples
  • there is a pool of ux self-taught people who look at our materials
  • schools in other regions use beside courseware (developing world)
  • people don't know full tool-chain
  • need a baseline of skills
  • eg. make mockup is like make a patch
  • from side of teachers they find our videos basic
  • 20% from 1st world school or rest from self taught or colleges with less resources

Skill level for resources

  • found design students struggled with html in first design challenge so dropped that
  • lower the barrier; mockup plus video explaining mockup
  • need high level areas list to help flesh out structure


  • students asking, can you match me with someone who can code?
  • how do we do match making?
  • coding students will work on any project but aren't equipped to do design
  • for example: bespin = coding + design
  • we can actively go together for people instead of looking for just ux or just coding people

Turning ideas into reality

  • concern that we create a graveyard of great ideas
  • how do make organization as whole adopt these ideas or look at them
  • would like to be able to turn stuff from concept series into something tangible but it's a complex problem
  • one of the ideas for getting universities involved: cut and paste competition festival; designers battle live on stage
  • finals, semi-finals for students
  • Mozilla Education matching students who want projects with project that need done
  • if Labs had a couple of concepts that really should be implemented we could match those with coders
  • want to make sure whatever meta-project we choose has support from mozilla community (is wanted)
  • find customers within Mozilla (processing)

Action items

  • draw up list of design skills to be covered on EdMo
  • integrate that list and track down resources for linking etc..
  • work on matching up design and coders and finding support in mozilla
  • spec out proposal and budgeting