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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Monday, 10am PST, conf bridge 359
  • irc.mozilla.org #elmo for back-channel

Previous Action Items

Meeting Notes

  • Attendees: peterbe, Pike, laura
  • Design phases
    • Consider changing font from Georgia to Serif for numbers
    • Consider changing padding
  • "New design blockers"
    • style.css clean-up and refactoring (peterbe) #734194
    • pushes diff view is unusable due to `td {display:block}`
    • Dogfooding effort (Pike) to continue where left-off after #734194
  • buildbot logs
    • Confusion about how we can currently use NFS. Is it only an rsync problem?!
    • laura: can we delete the old log files?
      • there is no "data retention policy"
        • Pike: no easy time cut-off, potentially other owners involved
        • if we keep 1/4 (e.g. 250,000 files),
      • the "log" files are the compare-locale results
      • laura: archive old data off, ie. move away instead of deleting
      • Pike, laura: the number of files in a problem
      • Pike: ask IT how they prefer to store the files in an ideal way
      • Adding a buildbot *hook* to write to a key-value
        • one more moving part to worry about

Plan A:

  • do nothing
    • tar transfer solution
    • kills future rsync ops

Plan B:

Two types of buildbot output (both in the /compare directory):

  • build-logs
  • status-pickles
    • non-trivial to change where they're written

Action Items

  • Pike: figure out where we have reasonably recent data
  • Pike: figure out if we can write a buildbot hook to write files in directories of if that means upgrading buildbot and having to rely on patching
  • laura: talk to daniel about which key-value store to use
  • laura: talk to rhelmer about buildbot hooks and what it means to "patching" buildbot
  • peterbe: find out what the maximum number of files per directory is OK
  • peterbe: check if 1m files is a problem if it's spread correctly
  • peterbe: we're on NFS today, so is it only a rsync problem?
  • peterbe: check the "tar solution" with shyam, i.e. how long can that solution last?