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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Monday, 10am PST, conf bridge 359
  • irc.mozilla.org #elmo for back-channel

Previous Action Items

  • File a bug about the "There is an fx14 ...." in signoffs.html
  • Talk to Akash about Mozillians and L10n (peterbe)
    • Also, check how it correlates to various goals
  • Talk to mkelly/Rik about "dashboard integration" (peterbe)

Meeting Notes

  • Attendees: Pike, peterbe, laura
  • Web prod and API data: False alarm, nothing needed from Elmo
  • Mozillians: No news as peterbe failed to catch Aakash
  • Mozillians, regarding potential APIs and connectivity with Elmo, talk to Akash and jsocol
  • Social features in Elmo?
    • What does Engagement think/plan?
    • These are independent of the data in elmo
    • Talk to jsocol
    • Problem: We get the *committers* not the *authors* so it'll be hard to credit the *author* for his/her translation efforts. (Unlike Verbatim)
      • Solution: (re-)write the tools to do translations
  • Aile: Pike's future tool to replace all other translation tools
    • Cloud9 (not open sourcy)? or Orion (java based)?

Action Items