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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Monday, 10am PST, conf bridge 251
  • irc.mozilla.org #elmo for back-channel

Previous Action Items

Meeting Notes

  • Attendees: Pike, peterbe
  • peterbe is out 2 days this week.
    • and Wed->Friday next week.
  • Cancelling


    • Once canceled, need new button says "Re-open..."
      • once clicked, should make the the Sign-off PENDING again.
    • Add a new reopen_signoff() view function
  • -dev domain name?
  • "retired" locales functionality.
    • what happens if only some projects are "stale"
    • Pike to talk to l10n team regarding what exactly to do
  • Row collector and class based view bug


    • Pike to work on the review a bit more.

Action Items