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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Monday, 10am PST, conf bridge 251
  • irc.mozilla.org #elmo for back-channel

Previous Action Items

Meeting Notes

  • Attendees: peterbe, Pike, laura
  • rhelmer to join Elmo on backend
    • rhelmer is uber-productive (US Pacific)
  • adrian to join Elmo on django
    • adrian is in Lyon, France
  • Switch to South?
    • not yet
  • Try to run the migration again on dev using Pike's fork (peterbe's job)
    • if it works, ask localizers for feedback (Pike's job)
  • Prod (bm-l10n-db) is running 5.1
    • Upgrading to 5.5 would be a very good idea
    • But!! Not for another two weeks (during crunch time)

Action Items