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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Monday, 9:30am PST, conf bridge 251
  • irc.mozilla.org #elmo for back-channel

Previous Action Items


Meeting Notes

  • Attendees:
  • pike
  • rhelmer
  • bug 958067
    • to upgrade run uploadcomparelocales while code is down, upgrade locale-inspector
    • pike going to talk to celia first
  • moving compare-dirs from buildbot to a10n
    • start dummy queue system that doesn't do anything yet - hg poller does something, schedules it, worker acknowledges that
  • a10n currently does everything up to the "changesource" scheduler piece - getting pushes into elmo is the only thing it does right now. could kick off in parallel (or probably safer after), kick off scheduler
    • take the mock environment, create directory tree (one forest e.g. gaia-l10n) - have an en-US/de/fr repo in there. make changes run the scheduler, create a worker job, have the worker job create a "run" entry in elmo and a json blob in elmo-comparison in ES. any of the data can be mocked in the first iteration, e.g. method that returns True.

Action Items

  • pike to talk to celia about ES setup
  • pike to create bugzilla product for l10n automation tools
  • rhelmer to file bug on compare-dirs bbot->a10n goal