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Function is a Ast type node (without any subtype nodes). Function is a record.

Record Data Fields

Subtype Nodes (Subclasses)

Function has no subtype nodes.


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Field content

Name. Parameters can be accessed easier via funcType.function_type_params.
nonempty only for constructors: member initialization list
true, if compiler generated function (default constructor of similar)


Function nodes don't have a sourceLoc field, but the syntax nodes above Function nodes do.

Function name

To obtain the function name go to the declarator via nameAndParams and extract the name of the declarator_var. Variable name and declarator variable are always present, as far as I can tell.


To access the variable nodes for the function parameters follow funcType.function_type_params. For nonstatic methods, this contains the this pointer, which actually has a reference type (with variable_name __receiver).