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Per our Firefox OS Hardware plan we will have an early adopter phone available in early- to mid-February. We will need a landing page for this hardware. We are planning for the page to live on Marketplace's DevHub.

High-Level Goal

  • Capture info (email) so Havi can include individuals with early adopter hardware in outreach.
  • Provide a jumping off point for resources that will help developers successfully create apps for Marketplace.


Phones are in production now and will start shipping at the end of January 2013. Landing page should be live then because the url is included in the the phone packaging.


  1. devphone.mozilla.org is the url that we included in the phone's packaging so it will need to redirect to the final page.
  2. Include "Firefox OS Early Adopter Hardware" prominently on the page. E.g. either as the page title and/or heading.
    - Right now we have one vendor for this early adopter hardware, but the page should not be branded specifically for that vendor.
  3. Include text welcoming the user to their new device.
  4. Include information about how to obtain a device if the user doesn't already have one.
    - this can be text on the page or a link to more info
  5. Include a call-to-action to get the user to sign up for an account on DevHub.
  6. Provide links to resources for how to develop for Firefox OS.
  7. Information we need to collect from the user: email and country.
    - Would like to simply expand the DevHub account info settings, if possible.
    - This information needs to be available to Developer Engagement (via Exact Target).
  8. Relevant pages should be localized in:
    - polish
    - es
    - pt-br
    - de
    - fr
    - cn (TW)
    - it


We should have someone from the UX team review our needs and create better mockups, but here are some to get started with: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t0hlx9xhlfrdzdj/H7kKP376Kr