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Mozilla Firefox OS Apps & Marketplace Developer Engagement


  • Generate enthusiasm and build a vital ecosystem around mobile, HTML5 Open Web Apps/Firefox OS
  • Populate the Firefox Marketplace with 100 quality apps
  • Populate the Marketplace with 1000 quality apps six months after Telefonica Firefox OS phone launch


Developer targets

By developer type

  • HTML5 app developers: Target key html5 app developers and invite them to port their apps to Firefox OS
    • HTML5 Game developers
  • Web developers: Teach web developers to build quality apps through a series of events, training, resources & incentives
    • Dependencies: Staffing, expertise and localization support needed to succeed
    • Consider partnering and outsourcing this expertise
  • App developers: Encourage/teach iPhone/Android/Java app developers to be Firefox OS app developers. Deliver great tools and a compelling value proposition.
    • Open Web/Open Data advocates
    • Hybrid developers - already have both native & web skills - convert them to HTML5/FFOS
    • Dependencies: tools, testing environment, Marketplace

By region

  • Brazil: Java & JavaScript developers, Web developers/students interested in HTML5
  • Colombia, Chile,


More detail in the sections below:

  • device access & readiness Hardware Deployment Plan (Owners: Julie Choi/Stormy Peters)
  • Simulator & testing environment readiness R2D2B2G tool support (Owner: NA Cross-functional Developer: Myk Melez)
  • Marketplace and Devhub GA (Owner: Rick Fant)
  • Improved developer tools & templates (Owner: Kevin Dangoor/Fred Wenzel)
  • Performant environment for HTML5 game play (Rob Hawkes)
  • Regional availability, clear localization guidance & localization resources (Owner: NA)


  • Build on HTML5, open web excitement
  • Work with existing Mozilla community in region: Mozilla Brazil and worldwide, use Speaker Reps & other ReMo reps to generate excitement and deliver training
  • Leverage Mozilla's experience building the add-ons developer community
  • Attract developers from new communities - identify and focus on those
    • Example: Open data advocates like W3C
    • Example: Java developers in Brazil who want to learn HTML5

Participants & Stakeholders

Developer Engagement team (Stormy Peters)

  • Technical Evangelism team (Mark Coggins)
  • Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) team (Ali Spivak)
  • Engagement-Developers: Contributors from the Global community
      • Doc sprint contributors
      • Localizers
      • Speakers, community leaders and evangelism reps

Marketplace & Apps Engineering Teams

  • DevEcosystem team: Fred Wenzel engineering/Daniel Buchner PM
    • Devhub website
    • Tools: Mortar, WebGameStub, X-tags
    • Tools: R2D2B2G, Myk Melez
    • Apps & Marketplace: Support for hackers/hack days, speakers about Apps
      • Bill Walker
      • Anant Narayan
      • Matthew MacPherson (tofumatt)
      • Matthew Claypotch (Potch)

Developer Tools team (Kevin Dangoor PM)

  • Daniel Buchner:
    • Devhub website
    • Custom elements (www.X-tags.org)

Firefox OS Engineering Team

Mozilla Support Team (SUMO)

  • Ibai Garcia, Apps & Marketplace support lead


  • Telefonica
    • Blue Via
    • Wayra
    • Vivo/Terra
  • Qualcomm
  • Deutsche Telecom
  • ???


Developer Events

Conferences: Speaking & sponsorships

  • The Developer Conference, Sao Paulo, BR, July, Fabio Magnoni
  • DevCon5, Bill Walker, The Mozilla App Ecoystem” NYC, July 23.
  • The Developer Conference, Floripa, BR, August, Fabio Magnoni
  • FISL, July 25-29
  • BrazilJS, Aug 30-31
  • Proposed:Mozilla-hosted Developer Conference (suggested for 2013)

MARK - I don't have everyone's speaking gigs from across the team, there are many here (and many missing from here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/events

Hackathons & doc sprints

  • Mozilla Interns Apps Hackathon, Mountain View, CA, July
  • FISL Hackathon & Doc Sprint, Porto Alegre, BR, July
  • Br-JS Apps Hackathon & Doc Sprint, Porto Alegre, BR Sept 1
  • Geeks on Mocha, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Sept 29-30
  • support for TEF Campus Party, Recife, BR July 29
  • support for TEF Campus Party, Berlin, Aug 25
  • proposed:TDC Goainia, Oct 20-21 (TBD)
  • proposed: November hackathon w/ThoughtWorks, Recife, BR

Evangelism reps training program for Apps outreach

  • San Francisco
  • Sao Paulo
  • Warsaw
  • proposed: Singapore (MozCamp Asia) - November

Other Event Support, Facilitation & Consulting

  • Support for onsite partner training
  • Training materials, localization
  • Event logistics
  • Staffing support
  • Collateral: t-shirts, stickers, banners
  • Vivo & Terra Training, Porto Alegre, BR, Aug 2012
  • Support for business development hosted events
    • Example: Staffing & event logistics for The Next Web, collateral coordination and shipping

Training (Proposed)

  • Screencast trainings/webinars
  • Courseware for building open web apps
  • HTML5 app development for BR CS students (proposal under legal review)
  • HTML5 workshop
  • Games development
  • Responsive design workshop
  • Xtags - UI components
  • Apps bootcamp (WebFWD-style mini-program)

Documentation & Developer Communications

  • MDN
    • HTML5
    • WebApps
    • Firefox OS specifics
  • Hacks Blog and Developer Newsletter
    • Hacks Weekly links (all)
    • HTML5 weekly links (Joe Stagner)
    • @mozlabs and @mozhacks twitter account management
    • Monthly About:Hacks newsletter (Joe Stagner)
  • DevHub
  • Launched the Partner spotlight video program w/Biz Dev (March 2012)
  • Localization resources & management
    • Blog post translation management
    • Manage and recruit translators for blog posts, surveys, developer communications, event promotion - ongoing

App Design & Quality Guidelines

  • Created first draft of Apps quality doc (Havi, Joe, team)
  • Contributors to & reviewers of the current Apps quality guideline doc
  • Other guidelines proposed:
    • UI
    • Security
    • Performance
    • API Testing & Benchmarking
  • HTML5 Games performance report (Rob Hawkes)


  • Emulator(s)
  • R2D2B2G - Myk Melez's add-on build of B2G
  • Build/packaging - past versions of Gaia Rockin' by Jeff Griffiths
  • Debugger (Proposed)
  • Lint-like tool to check validate adherence to app guidelines (Cvan's manifest checker)
  • Chloi.io - platform from the Phonegap guys, now working as a WebFWD team

Starter/sample App Framework

  • Mortar: Dev Ecosystem team (James Long)
  • Web Game Stub: Mozilla Labs/Dev Ecosystem (Dan Mosedale)
  • Proposed: sports starter app
  • Proposed: Music band starter app
  • Proposed: transit app
  • Reusable components library
  • X-tags: UI widgets (Daniel Buchner)


STORMY: We have to have support in a Mozilla channel. Our own forums or SUMO or something.

  • Stack overflow forums
  • SUMO Support for Developers
    • Staffing (Ibai)
    • Scoping of developer support needs (Janet)
  • Mozilla Open Web Apps mailing list (see bugzilla for ongoing status of list/groups integration issue)
  • Mozilla Brazil community list
  • Community locationalization efforts (ongoing)
    • localized versions
  • Proposed: Community validation hub

Contests, Incentives & Sponsored Services

  • Proposed: Professional UI review (under exploration)
  • Localization services
  • Ideation Assistance

Developer Phone Program

Outreach & Influencer Relationship Management

  • this is the catch-all for a lot of the connecting and cross-communications we manage between various stakeholders & participants.