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  • Project leader: Christie Koehler (User:Ckoehler)
  • Contributors:: Various

This project is part of the Mozilla Developer Program. Nearly all groups involved in MDP want to figure out how to use open badges to recognize and motivate contributions.

The consensus of the involved teams is that each of these teams has their own project/product/program managers who will drive badges adoption within their groups, and that Technical Evangelism, lead by Christie will coordinate work across all of these teams.

The project is in the beginning stages. Updates will be posted here as the project evolves.


Several teams within Mozilla want to or already issuing Open Badges, including those involved in the new Mozilla Developer Program (MDP). Tech Evangelism has a specific Q4 2013 goal of implementing a Marketplace badge around Firefox OS submissions.

Presently, badges.mozilla.org is the most obvious place from which to issue badges. However, the following requirements need to be addressed before proceeding with that as the issuing platform for Marketplace and other MDP properties:

  • Identified owner who can guarenteed an acceptable level of uptime and maintenance work.
  • Updated look and feel to match that of other top-priority MDP websites like Marketplace and MDN.
  • UX needs to address the fact that there are relatively few requirements for issuing badges from this site, other than being a registered Mozilla. Badges currently issued from there represent a mix of all community badges, which might confuse the value and purpose of MDP-issued badges.

Overall, we want to rollout badges on Marketplace and other MDP properties in a timely fashion, but also have a guarantee of stability and good user experience.


We are still in the process of identifying participating teams. The following is a tentative list:

  • MDN (proposal)
  • Marketplace, which includes:
    • Firefox OS apps
    • Firefox OS app reviews
    • Firefox desktop browser add-ons
    • Firefox OS app localization
  • SUMO (bug 897057)
  • Open Badges (Badges)

Want to get involved? Get in touch with User:Ckoehler.

Current Open Badges projects

Updated: 5 November 2013


Open Badges are a way to recognize and incentivize achievement and learning. Currently, the Open Badges initiative is lead by an Open Badges team at MoFo. Developers within MoCo have also contributed early efforts towards Open Badge support.

There is a detailed specification/standard being developed for Open Badges. This spec includes:

  • Issuers: Entities that created, administer and issue badges to individuals
  • Displayers: Entities that display (and possibly authenticate or validate) earned by individuals
  • Badges: Objects that signify some kind of achievement by an individual. Badges can be signed or not.

The Open Badge specification is still in development, although many organizations are actively issuing them.

The scope of work the MoFo Open Badges team is doing includes:

  • development of a specification
  • progress on the Open Badges initiative (working with educational bodies to develop and adopt Open Badges)
  • development of a reference platform

Platforms, code, etc.

Here are pieces of the Open Badges ecosystem that I've identified so far.

Django Badger



  • Django app for issuing and displaying badges.
  • Originally written by Les Orchard on MoCo Webdev.
  • There are other contributors, but no one full-time.
  • Powers Badg.us and badges.mozilla.org




  • An instance of django-badger
  • Hosted by community.




OpenBadges Backpack



  • Collects and displays badges earned by individuals.
  • Owned by MoFo Open Badges
  • Node.js



  • In progress reference platform.
  • Written in node.js
  • Maintained by MoFo Open Badges
  • No identified beta site





  • Collection of Open Badges tools.
  • Not sure if there is a single code repository.
  • Roll-out scheduled for Q2 2014

OpenBadges website


Info site. Maintained by MoFo Open Badges

Openbadges community site


Community site. Maintained by MoFo Open Badges