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As Mozilla grows and expands in to new product lines beyond Firefox and creates new campaigns which require a social component, we want to define and communicate a unified and simple strategy for creating and organizing new social media channels.

Use Cases for creating a new social media channel

Mozilla launches a NEW mainstream product

Defined as a new product such as the launch of the Mozilla Marketplace, which is a new product that we expect to have mainstream reach and appeal. This new product social channel would be managed by user engagement.

Mozilla launches a campaign where social media is a key channel

Defined as a campaign with a niche audience and lots of content to share where the Firefox (or new channels being stood up for Marketplace etc) are not appropriate. e.g. Firefox Flicks campaign.

The campaigns social channels would be managed by the campaign/communications owner. A user engagement team member will provide advice and guidance.

Need to define a set of qualifying questions to identify is the campaign truly requires its own social media presence. In general setting up a new account is not recommended.

There should also be an end of life plan defined before the new channel is executed.

Mozilla reaches users on a new social network

Defined as a social network that Mozilla does not currently have a channel. This new social channel would be managed by user engagement and may be maintained by volunteer contributors.

Adding additional social networks must be carefully evaluated based on the potential reach and impact that the network offers. Sometimes, a new social network may be added for a specific geographic locale only, such as when a regional social network is more popular than the top global networks.