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The Boulders

  • Addon Testing Service - anode
    • Can now install and test release builds
    • Submitted patches for that
    • This week start getting end to end testing of release builds
  • War On Orange - jgriffin, jhammel, jmaher
    • Log Parsers are done, handed to metrics so they can understand how to start storing the data
    • Contacted catlee to figure out where to put the Flume agent so that the buildbot logs are uploaded to the database
    • Jmaher is doing some cool stats with orangefactor
      • They now graph frequency over time and frequency over commit
      • Experimenting with moving averages
    • Jhammel is going to work on some ideas on what to do with the data as it comes together.
  • Nightly Tester Tools - harth, jhammel
    • Meeting about that today - aakashd and mossop @ 3pm PDT today
  • Productize Pulse - bc, legneato
    • Working on setting it up locally this week
  • Talos Improvements - anode
    • Talos is officially in Hg
    • New Release of stand alone talos updated to go with the new repo

The Gravel

  • Bug Hunter - bc
    • Late this morning, Ravi tried to open up the network so the San Jose machines can talk to Phx machines, but that didn't work.
    • No ability to clone anything still.
    • Send bmoss the bugs for this stuff
  • Mozmill 2.0 beta - harth, ctalbert, jhammel
    • Reviews for pluggable events
    • Mozmill 1.5.1 is ongoing - most have patches
      • There are other bugs in Mozrunner that need to be fixed.
  • Profile Manager - jgriffin
    • Still working on locked profiles - working on windows and mac, going to make it work on linux next. Need to test on several flavors of linux
    • Mark did a great first bug fix last week, now he's working on l10n support.
    • Discussion about whether or not to land in m-c
    • Bundling might make sense, testing would be better integrated etc.
  • Jetpack Test Integration - ctalbert
    • Waiting on Mozmill 1.5.1
  • Android Buildbot Integration - jmaher, ctalbert, bmoss
    • Tracemonkey fixed for Android last week
    • Seems like the tests are running but hanging, will investigate this week
  • Manifest for the manifest-less - jmaher
    • no news
  • Breakpad for Android - ted
    • It's spelled Breakpad, dammit
    • Successfully generated a minidump from an Android build of Fennec
    • Need to track down a few issues before it's ready for review


  • Staging Server
    • Successful enough to consider running three masters
    • Might want to get more slaves - 7 more minis for our slaves
    • Currently we've got three jobs running and only two masters
    • Do we really need 7 slaves for each master - they are leopard, snow leopard, xp, win7 64, fedora 64 fedora 32. Usually can exclude 64bits stuff but would definitely need one per OS type.
    • Have hit issues on specific versions of mac machines so there is some benefit to doing each platform.
  • Brasstacks
    • Re ran load tests after upgrades - prior to upgrade we timed out at 30 users
    • Now we can get to 60 but we didn't hit maximum of RAM or CPU as before, so it might be a mysql issue. Performance is much better than it was.

The Misc

The Pulverized

  • Crossweave
  • Grafx Bot
  • Firebug Test Support
  • Mozmill 1.4.2 aka 1.5 Released
  • Bugzilla Review & REST API Improvements (2010 Q2)
  • Implement AddOns Performance prototype system
  • Initial Landing of E10s Enabled Mochitest
  • Websockets Test Infrastructure Support