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Firefox 3.5

  • Undergoing last-minute polish, we need to watch this for doc and evangelism needs.
  • Are we in a good place to evangelize our perf gains?
  • localStorage
    • Debate over whether to use SQLite or some other API is ongoing
    • Some folks feel that an SQL API isn't a good idea because it's not standardized
    • We're just not sure what we're going to do here
    • Gut feeling: this probably won't make it in, even though the goal is for it to make it
    • Two camps:
      • New API for local storage
      • Create a standardized SQLite derived API
    • WebKit actually already ships with SQLite
    • Looking at using Browser-couch for data storage locally.


  • Planning is underway.
  • What would we like to see done to further the open web?
  • Let's make sure we're in a position to do a great job not only evangelizing the project but to help guide support for standards and to make the product better
  • Questions
    • How will process separation per tab affect developers, if this goes in?

Developer Items and Standards


  • Starting to go through the recently-added items that need to be addressed for Firefox 3.5, and watching as localStorage starts coming together so that can be documented as well if/when it lands.
  • Working on infrastructure stuff, including the Deki upgrade and some new templates and content reorganization.
  • Mozilla Messaging now has someone leading their documentation project for Thunderbird -- Jennifer Zickerman.

XUL + XULRunner

Communications and PR

Global Community Development