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If you will be attending Maker Faire Africa 2009 and are part of the Mozilla community, please leave your details here.


If you want to seek for a financial support for travel/hotel expenses you need to contact

  • Sarah Doherty (sarah@mozilla.com)

Besides emailing, mark the "Request sponsorship" column as Y, so we can make sure that you'll not slip through our hands.

NOTE: Please, remember, that we have a limited budget and we may not be able to pay for everyone interested, but we'll try!

Ideas and Proposals

Are they're any talks, sessions or workshops you'd like to either lead or participate in?


Put yourself in an appropriate section below. Please also use the template provided, as it will make it much easier for us to work with the data. Thanks!

The following details will prove helpful for organization, but please leave any other information you feel is relevant.

  • T-shirt size
  • Travel dates & departing city
  • Intention to attend dinner on evening of TBD


"I will be attending. Full stop."

# Name Nick and email Area of interest T-Shirt size Travel dates Departing Request sponsorship Travel cost (in USD) Hotel (Y/N, nights)   Dinner (Date TBD) (Y/N) More info









Probably (logistics)

Name Nick Area of interest T-Shirt size Departing Dinner (Y/N) More info

Probably (content)

"I'll likely be there, but I'm not certain until I get a better picture of what's going on."

Name Nick Area of interest T-Shirt size Departing Dinner (Y/N) More info
Replace me!


"I'd like to have been there, but I have other commitments, or a severe allergy to lizard-logo T-shirts." (This will help us "size the market" for future such events, especially in this area.)

Name Nick Area of interest More info