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Small Events


Actions this scale will convene small, focused groups of people (2 - 20) to address a particular challenge or theme.

Small actions are 1) targeted and reasonable for the duration and participant size, 2) low budget, 3) nearly 100% community-driven.


  • A target: what will you achieve?
  • An audience: who will come?
  • A place: where will you meet?
  • A communication channel: how will participants tell the rest of the world what they've achieved?


  • Worksprints
  • MozPub
  • MozCafe
  • Design Jams


For example, rather than hosting a meet-up for web developers (very general and hard to gauge the relevance), a small live action would instead target experienced developers from news organizations to design HTML5 applications for visualizing raw data sources.

This type of meet-up could be held in a bar or a coworking space or an internet cafe anywhere in the world.