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Join us in Extending Mozilla's Voice

Every day, there are many opportunities for Mozilla to evangelize and build community. Let's make sure that we all take advantage of these occasions!

Spreading Mozilla one voice at a time

Mozilla is tens of thousands of people from every continent connected by a clear understanding of the value of the Web and the importance of free and open access to this shared global resource. Today, there are only a few people from Mozilla who regularly give voice to the Mozilla project and the Mozilla community, but they are just a drop in the bucket when you think about how large a community we are. We are the Mozilla community and we should feel empowered and prepared to speak about Mozilla! There are many more interesting and compelling stories found outside of today's small group of spokespeople. Let's build the opportunity for more of us to pick up the microphone and be a strong voice for Mozilla.

Many of us already speak publicly on occasion, but often informally because today we lack some of the necessary coordination to identify good opportunities or to provide useful materials. Let's see if we can change this! Firefox reaches new users, first and foremost, by word of mouth and that makes every possible speaking opportunity a chance to grow the Mozilla community and user base.

You can be the voice of Mozilla!

The Mozilla project is involved with many events (Mozilla Events Calendar), but there are many more that are are unknown or unstaffed because the community doesn't have someone signed up to represent Mozilla at the event.

How can we make this better? First, let's make sure that every speaking opportunity is known by working together to post any events Mozilla should be represented at below. We should include conferences, panels, discussions, user groups, school meetings, etc. With back to school just around the corner, think of all the great educational opportunities -- we could staff literally hundreds of Firefox tutorials.

Let's start adding events to the list now.

For all events at which Mozilla should be represented, we'll need to include the speakers' names and expertises next to the event. Once the event has been added, email events at mozilla dot com to ensure open lines of communication.

The Mozilla Events Team can help on a case by case basis with requests. The Events Team is ready to provide speaker training, Firefox or Mozilla materials such as posters, buttons, shirts, and presentation materials.

Also, if anyone is interested in helping organize this initiative, learning about new speaking opportunities and creating a speakers bureau, go ahead, and email the Team at events at mozilla dot com.

Event Name Date(s) Topic(s) Name Expertise
Firefox Developers Conference 6/16/07 Using FUEL in Extensions Mark Finkle Extensions
Firefox Developers Conference 6/16/07 Building Applications with XULRunner Mark Finkle XULRunner
Firefox Developers Conference 6/16/07 Add-ons Developer Tools Justin Scott Add-ons
OSCON 7/23/07-7/27/07 Open Source Security Foxkeh Smith Promoting Choice and Innovation on the Internet
JAOO Sept. 23 - 28, 2007, Denmark From HTML to XUL, Web to Desktop Shane Caraveo, ActiveState XUL
Stanford New Student Orientation 9/18/07-9/22/07 Creating College Personas to Promote FF Andrew Stein Educating People about Firefox
FSOSS '07 October 25-26, 2007 bunch of topics beltzner, bsmedberg user experience, getting involved
Add Your Event Dates Topic Your name Your expertise or interests

Events Under Consideration on

We have a quickly growing list of events on SpreadFirefox that we are considering attending. Please check out the list and see if there are any events that you would be interested in speaking at. If there is an event that calls your name and you want to speak about Mozilla, please email events at mozilla dot com.

Talking Points on Mozilla & Firefox

Here is some background information on Firefox and Mozilla. Hopefully, these materials can help when figuring out what to say about both. We'll be providing more materials as this program ramps up. If you'd like to contribute to these materials, please email the Mozilla Events Team.