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Test plan for feature Extension Manager: Third party add-on warnings


  • Test Extension Manager's Third party add-on warnings in Firefox Beta and Release
  • QA Goal: sign-off for Firefox Release

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Ensure user accepts add-ons installed by third-party apps
Stage Landed
Status Complete
Release target Firefox 8
Health OK
Status note Feature made it in to Firefox 8

QA Team

  • Vlad Maniac (irc: vladmaniac)
  • Vlad Ghetiu (irc: vladg)
  • Virgil Dicu (irc: VirgilDicu)
  • Henrik Skupin (irc: whimboo)

Feature tracking page

Third Party Add-on Warnings Page

Feature tracking bug

bug 476430

Testing activities

Exploratory testing across platforms

  • Use Case
    • A user installs a third party application that installs an add-on in different locations (Registry, User profile, Application Directory) for Firefox.
    • When starting Firefox for the first time, a new tab should be displayed for each third party add-on installed in Firefox-every tab should contain the third party warning as specified here: Link
    • Selecting Continue will disable the Add-on in Add-on Manager. To enable the Add-on, a user must check the "Allow Installation" checkbox and restart the browser.

The list of test cases used can be found here: Test cases

The following list contains third party add-ons used for testing: Link

Examples: Winamp toolbar, Avast, Div X,+Web Player, Babylon Toolbar, Yontoo

  • Windows XP
    • PASS
  • Windows 7
    • PASS
  • Ubuntu 11.10 x64
    • PASS
  • Mac OS X 10.6
    • PASS

Feature integration in add-ons manager and interactions with other features

  • Identify other features in interaction with Third party add-on warnings

Fixed bug verifications


Setting goal to have mozmill automated tests for this feature under the add-ons manager component

Feature QA sign-off criteria

  • No major bugs open.
  • Only one minor layout issue was found-it does not influence the functionality of the third party tab warning Bug699435
  • Test cases have been run on all OSs.
  • The third party warning is displayed as specified in Link