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Fennec changes for Honeycomb

  • [BUG - what do we want to do?] Honeycomb form assistant (just use tab button - desktop experience)
    • do we still want to zoom in? probably not necessary
    • do we continue to show our own controls? or a next button? or the tab button
  • [BUG] Actionbar-related design changes
    • [BUG] copy & paste
    • [BUG] moving Controls out of the sidebar
  • [BUG] moving tabs out of sidebar
  • [BUG] Honeycomb-style visual design
  • [BUG] Move actions into android menu (honeycomb + gingerbread)
  • Keyboard improvements?
  • [BUG - existing] How we will load/reload with app switcher?
  • Contact integration? - i.e. with google - v7? v8?
  • Firefox Widget? - out of ship cycle? side project? - on the Home roadmap?