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Status Report for November 3rd Campaign 06/19/15 - 06/26/15

Overall Project Health

This Week Last Week



Hot Topics

  • Dependencies on Necko and Services teams push this program to 'yellow'. Once we have the work required from them defined and estimated, we may go to green.
  • Desktop team is currently in 42.1; user stories have been handed off from Product for review.
  • Other product deliverables for November 3rd launch are being defined (iOS Android, DevEdition).
  • Cultivating plan from the FxOS team so that we may ensure full transparency as we plan out launch day
  • Next milestones include a Campaign Plan (including umbrella brief from marketing + engagement) and a kick off meeting next week

Issues & Risks

Risk State Owner Mitigation Plan Target Date
Project Plan for Overall Campaign Open Erin July 6

Accomplished for the Last Period

  • Desktop Planning is finalized and work is underway
  • 'Durable' team met in Whistler and decided upon creating a Campaign Umbrella Brief - need to identify hand off date

Planned for Last Period but Not Accomplished

  • None

Planned for the Upcoming Period

  • Campaign Plan (overall story for the campaign with details, milestones, dates)
  • Campaign Umbrella Brief (handoff from marketing and engagement)

Status Details

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