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  • Discussion of number of users on the channels.
  • Beta repo setup.
  • Triage


l10n build status

  • We have run into some build problems - still working those out.
  • We can start to put up some pages for the localized builds - Mayumi.

Number of users on Aurora channel

  • Only 10K users on the Aurora channel - need a bigger population.
  • This week - launching snippets to FF beta users - promoting Aurora.
  • When we get to Beta5, we will move the Beta4 users to Beta5.
  • Don't want to move too many Beta users to Aurora then we have nobody on the Beta. It's more important to have a big set of users on Beta.
  • Once the localizations are ready, we will see in increase in users.
  • We could consider promoting Aurora to some subset of users on the release.
  • 2 questions: where do we want our users long term vs how to get more testing for FF5. We could also have beta shadow Aurora.
  • Right now the beta audience is testing 4.0.1. We are not planning to do a 4.0.2 but once we move them, we can't move them back.

Action plan for Aurora users

  • Continue as is with incremental push to Aurora.
  • Let's not mess with the 4.0.1 group until we feel we can get off the channel.
  • Move forward incrementally - localized versions, about.home snippets, advertize to beta users, consider doing beta earlier.
  • Christian and Mayumi meeting tomorrow, will review numbers from metrics and come up with a plan for each pool of users. Will present the proposal next Tues.
  • See what the numbers are on Thurs and Tues and decide if we need to do anything more aggressive.
  • Christian and Mayumi will get back to Daniel about what we want to see from a metrics perspective.
  • Localized builds are ready and we can advertize to the localization community. Download webpage - took off the "all languages" link. Grace and Laura will take care of that.

Number of users on nightlies

  • Currently at 38K ADUs but would like to be higher.
  • Some might be just slow to convert.
  • See where we are with the numbers on Thurs and then decide if we need to do something.

"Fake Beta"

  • We could setup the beta repo with the same bits as Aurora.
  • We could do the same thing with the l10n repos.
  • Need to be careful to not let that build on the beta channel is NOT picked up by all the beta users.
  • Need to be quiet about this since it's not beta quality. Doing it mainly for testing and dev purposes.
  • We aren't really in a position to do this anyhow since there are some dependencies - still need to setup all the l10n repos.
  • We agree that we need to do this before we convert our beta users.
  • Agreement that we should do it as soon as possible.
  • RelEng will plan for doing this next Tues, but might not be until Friday.
  • We will see where we are with l10n work on Thurs.