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  • Meeting schedule - dates/times
  • Follow-up on RelEng items from last meeting
  • Status - snippets for getting more users on the Aurora channel
    • bug 651982 Create custom MARs to migrate FF3.7a*+FF4.0b* users to mozilla-aurora
    • bug 651283 Migrate orphaned users to latest m-c
  • Recording process decisions (JP)
  • RapidRelease#User_Agent (JP)
    • Proposed to drop off the discussion list as not achievable in the short term because there is method for SUMO/Input/etc to find channel info otherwise
    • bug 648444
  • Stability report
  • Triage


Meeting Schedule

  • The current meeting times, 2:00pm are not great for people on the East Coast and Europe.
  • We propose moving the times to make it more accommodating for others.
  • Sheila will work on a proposal and send it out.

RelEng Todos

  • l10n repos are now setup
  • Beta
    • Make a real beta - 5.0b1
    • When we move over to the release channel do we have to do a rebuild? Yes. That wasn't everybody's understanding of how this was going to work. There is an issue to discuss - noted.
    • We will be making the repository change
    • On schedule for this week (hoping)
  • Snippets for moving beta users to Aurora
    • Much confusion here...
      • Dialog in bug 651283 relates to moving orphaned m-c users on to latest m-c NOT moving them to aurora or beta.
      • Worried about manual updates replacing something that is already there.
      • Seems like the pool of users we are talking about is smaller than we thought - some discrepancy in the data.
    • Bigger issue - getting more people on aurora
    • We can look at migrating the beta channel people but there are still concerns about how we market this - stability of the channel
    • We could disable generating Aurora builds every night - we would kick off a build manually. Can be done immediately.
    • Next Actions
      • Need to figure out how to message these beta users. They will be moved into something that is branded differently. Probably need a start page, branding experience etc.
      • Turn off the nightly builds for Aurora and build as needed.
      • Axel: Don't see the messaging around Aurora builds mapping what we have on the release or handled in other languages. We want to restrict this to US-EN. What is going into the 110n builds is not close to Beta quality.
      • Rob: Talk to Christian, Mayumi, John and put together a proposal by the end of the day.

Recording Process Decisions

  • Concerned that some of the decisions we are making ie: approvals, tracking etc is not getting captured somewhere permanently.
  • Do we move to the wiki, leave it on Github?
  • Also, some lingering issues regarding process that were never resolved.

User Agent

  • Problems with tools like Sumo, Input, AMO getting info about the version.
  • Bug 648444 - probably won't get this done soon. Add code so that websites can figure out what version it is.
  • Take it off the list for now since there is nobody actually working on this and none of the tools will be ready in time.
  • This is probably a bigger than engineering team discussion and probably won't happen in this cycle.
  • Sheila will own this issue - probably needs a feature page.


  • Only 14K users so not getting great stability data - the numbers aren't very meaningful.
  • A few of the crashes we are tracking are getting much activity.