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Topics to cover in today's meeting.

  • Aurora meeting schedule
  • Plan for security bug triage and nominations
  • Plan for increasing user base on Beta and Aurora channels
  • Beta plan
    • Status of the Beta build
    • Dependencies
    • Increasing user base on channel
    • Next actions
  • Communications
  • Installer issues
  • Bug triage.

Aurora meeting schedule

  • We are sticking with the current meeting time - *2:00pm PDT on Tues and Thurs*.
  • We understand there are concerns and many people will not be able to easily participate at that time ie: Europe .
  • We are not the only team finding it difficult to schedule in that key time frame of 10:00am-12:00pm PST.
  • This might be an issue to discuss at a different forum in the future and is a more widespread organizational issue.

Plan for security bug triage and nominations

  • Proposal: The security team will be responsible for triaging all tracking? and tracking+ security bugs and monitoring their progress.
    • In some cases the security team may go ahead and simply set tracking+ for security bugs bypassing the nomination.
    • This triage along with monitoring the progress will happen during the weekly critsmash meetings.
    • This largely means that the Aurora triage team will skip over these security specific tracking bugs during their triage sessions. They still may ping the security team about a particular bug if they see something that hasn't made progress.
    • The Aurora triage team will be responsible for approving the patches for the security bugs as part of their regular triage process.
  • Everyone in the meeting is in favor of moving forward with this plan.

Beta plan


  • The work for getting the beta ready is tracked in bug 652641.
  • QA currently has the signed builds.
  • The earliest the Beta could be ready to push out is on Monday May 2nd since we are still blocked on some dependencies).
  • We will have a firm timeline by the end of Monday's Beta channel meeting.


  • A few things need to happen before we can push this out.
    • QA will have to test the channel changer.
    • QA is blocked on testing the channel changer until an AUS piece has been completed - tracked in Bug 653312.
    • We need to have the the snippets ready for moving some beta users over - Tracked in bug 651982 (See next section for details)

Plan for increasing user base on Beta and Aurora channels

  • Tracked in bug 651982
  • We are currently generating the MU snippets - per comment #3 in the bug.
  • Plan summary
    • Offer snippets to users running the specified list of versions until we reach 100K users, then we will turn this off.
    • This DOES NOT include anybody on 4.0.1 and 4.0rc.
    • The list of versions is in bug 651982.
    • Anyone on the beta channel that didn't get the prompt can manually go and get the update.
  • Laura: This will be coordinated with 2 blog posts on dev planning.
    • One is for Aurora users and asking them to try the channel changer - about:home google page snippet.
    • Second is for beta users explaining what the channel changer - using a first run page linked to the blog post.


  • PR and creative would normally get communications about this stuff on release drivers ie: what is happening when.
  • Some people feel like they aren't getting the information, no good sense of timelines and when decisions are getting made.
  • The meeting notes should provide this information so perhaps they need to be more concise and highlight decisions/actions.
  • We could also use the all-hands on Monday - Christian could add a time line update for Aurora and Beta.
  • Sheila will own working with teams to improve this.

Installer Issues

  • There are some potential changes to the install process that Rob Strong discussed with Sayre yesterday.
  • The current plan is to install on top of. Some developers might want to install multiple versions and test their sites. Our plan will break that.
  • Rob Strong is going to send Jay an email to prep him on the issue. He will talk to Jay on Monday when he gets back from China. By Tues, we should be able to confirm the decision.
  • Probably need to have someone in product as part of these regular meetings - not the first issue that has come up. Sheila will own discussing this with Jay.

Summary of next actions

  • Beta
    • Meet on Monday May 2nd (Beta meeting) to finalize timeline for Beta push and coordinate with marketing blog posts.
    • John owns the task to go to IT and have them turn on the snippets when we are ready.
    • John own sending appropriate emails to release drivers since Christian is away.
  • Sheila to work with Laura and Christian on a plan to improve communication channels.
  • Sheila will own talking to Product Marketing about getting participation in these meetings.
  • Rob Strong to send an email then meet with Jay to discuss and resolve installer issues.
  • Sheila/JP to ping Stuart about having Fennec representation in the channel meetings.