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  • Improving communication channels
  • Meeting participation
    • Product Management
    • Fennec
  • Status on installer issues
  • Aurora build frequency
  • Triage


Improving Communication Channels

  • We are going to try the blog posts and see if that helps.
  • Need to make sure the right people have access to the blog and posting.
  • Fair to ask "who" and "what" are the communication channels - get in the habit of doing this.
  • John - used the rel drivers list alot. We will still use this list going forward.

Meeting participation from other teams

  • Product Management
    • Sheila spoke to Jay about getting Product participation in the meetings.
    • This doesn't so much play into process as much as the triage process.
    • It's important to have some product advocacy particularly as we are evaluating some of the features.
    • Chris Blizzard will help on this front. Sheila can also plan to meet with Jay regularly to discuss issues until we have a front end product person attending on a regular basis.
  • Fennec
    • Someone will attend the Wed triage session.
  • Need a meeting on the calendar since some of the regular attendees are getting booked at this time.
    • Sheila send out an actual invite out to a group of regulars.

Status of Installer issues

  • We had a couple of open issues regarding our plan to install "on top of" previous builds.
  • Rob Strong is meeting with Jay tomorrow to discuss and we will have an update on Thurs.

Frequency of Aurora Builds

  • Original plan - we would only build if something had changed.
  • Changed to when we have changes on any locales if we are including them in the trigger, then we will build every night.
  • No change to plan but by nature of the many changes going in for locales we will end up building every night.