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  • Status of installer work
  • Metrics on old-beta users migrating to FF5.0b1
  • Security tracking bugs
  • Plans for shadow repository

Status of installer

  • We still have 2 open bugs on these Bug 649594 and Bug 649595
  • Sheila and Rob Strong met with Jay yesterday to discuss the issues. Jay will confer with Johnathan and make a decision about this.
  • Plan is to have a path forward by next Tuesday's status meeting.

Metrics on migrating users

  • As of noon today we have about 3500 old 4.0beta users that have migrated to 5.0b1.
  • We are still at 50% throttle.
  • See what the data looks like on Tues and determine if we need to adjust that at all.
  • How are we tracking when to turn off the tap? We found out that the Web Trends plan does not track redirects. IT is helping Rel Eng get the data they need to track the numbers.

Security tracking bugs

  • The security team is triaging all nominated bugs for tracking.
  • They do not feel that they are the best group to handle the follow-up, nagging developers to make progress. This is best done with all the other issues by the release drivers.
  • The rel drivers will take this over as part of the regular triage.

Plans for shadow repository

  • Who is driving this? Dveditz.
  • We need to finalize the policy on this.
  • A shadow repo has been setup already by Rel Eng.
  • Sayre, Dveditz and Christian will finalize the policy and have it by next Thurs.