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  • Plan for shadow repository
  • Usage numbers
  • Add on compatibility

Shadow repository

  • Plan was for Sayre, Christian and Dveditz to present the plan at today's meeting.
  • Christian and dveditz said they would take care of it but neither were at today's meeting.
  • Sayre will follow-up with them on status.

Usage numbers

  • Yesterday we had around 29K users on Aurora, up from 20K last week.
    • mozilla-aurora: 29,467
    • mozilla-beta: 75,783
  • The numbers are measured 48 hrs ago so they are probably a bit higher.
  • We will keep offering updates since there are no issues indicating that we should throttle this.
  • When we have the "official" beta ready (5.0b2), who is going to get the update?
    • FF3.7a{3,4,5}, FF4.0b*, FF5.0b1 users will be prompted to *minor* update to FF5.0b2.
    • Unclear if it will go to the FF4.0, FF4.0.1 beta users? joduinn and Christian will come back with an answer for the next meeting.

Add On compatibility

  • We have never shipped a beta to 2 million users that has a 30% add on compatibility.
  • This isn't really the meeting to do this and it should be on the agenda for Monday's meeting.
  • Make sure we have Fligtar at the Beta meeting on Monday - Sayre will let him know.


  • Caught up on all the queues and reviewed the short list of bugs we need resolved before Beta.
  • We seem to be in pretty good shape.
  • We need to ping developers to let them know that all approved patches need to be checked in prior to the merge on Tues.