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  • Next actions from Tuesday
    • Get an approval-beta flag made for bugzilla. [DONE] by dveditz
    • JPR to follow on bugs that need to be rebacked out in dev.planning [Hasn't got to it yet]
    • Sheila to have Installer/Channel wiki documentation posted by EOD 05/17.
    • l10n
      • Sheila to place L10N merge in Thursday agenda.
      • joduinn to investigate merging the 10-20 locales that have been working on mozilla-central, for next tuesday's merge. List comes from Axel and L10N dashboard.
      • ehsan has action to produce a list of locales that are interesting to developers.
      • Other blockers?
    • Logistics
      • joduinn to close mozilla-aurora to checkins for this week [DONE]
      • joduinn to continue to generate aurora nightlies despite no changes [DONE]
    • Sheila will get tracking5 bugs onto thursday security meeting agenda [DONE]
  • Shadow repository update

Installer/channel switcher

Shadow repository

  • We got the data we were looking for to determine where we are now without shadow.
  • Security team is reviewing the options. Team will put together a proposal.

l10n merge

  • Axel - at least 30 localizations working on central.
  • They have to handle the central to aurora merge themselves - each locale or they will ask for help.
  • Not in a state where we can do things in a consistent way for all locales.
  • No blockers really but having to coordinate all this - Axel will do this.
  • Want to have more of a process for Aurora to Beta and Beta to Release.
    • For this coming merge - we have a war room for en-us stuff. We will be letting the locales deal with the merge this time and they might not get it all on
    • Is Christian going to handle this long term? Beta-Release and Aurora-Beta.
    • Haven't figured this out yet.