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Using beta audience?

  • Know some more information
  • Outstanding landings are scary, not sure we want to expose our beta audience
    • Don't need to constantly refresh the "fake" beta
  • There is a bug that may be scary on Aurora
  • joduinn thinks it's best to hold to the published date
    • need people to learn to believe dates, plan accordingly
    • doing cleanup in "quiet time" before scheduled FF6.0b1.
    • aurora is different risk level to beta. if we do "aurora-as-beta" early, should we only offer to some small % of beta users - not to all?
  • We'll revisit on Tuesday


  • Christian doesn't think our stability story is reflective of reality

Action items from last time

  • Asa to do channels blog post about running different channels side-by-side
    • Progressing
  • Asa will blog and write up a proposal to convince engagement to spend
    • I was wrong. Engagement has a plan and I trust them.
  • Christian will make sure notes get posted to the channels blog
    • Did for the last one, will do for this one
  • Christian will mass modify and email for outstanding aurora patches
    • Just about ready, going out today

Action items for next time

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